Winter Color Guide

Discover our new seasonal colors.


A sun-faded blue that anchors our Winter collection thanks to its versatile shade.

It works well with a wide range of layering and pant colors.


A mid-tone purple that is not too bright and not too dark with hints of dusty blue hues for a more masculine vibe. 


Our take on the classic Nantucket Red, faded out to a pinkish tone but by no means a pastel.

A classic menswear color, best partnered with white or Sankaty.


A refined green with hints of blue in it that is not too light or too dark.

Seashore looks great with navy and other blues as well as stone and gray shorts and pants. 


An aptly named dark maroon red that brings to mind notes of a vintage port wine. A universally flattering color especially for fall and winter.

Pine and Port, though different colors are similar in color depth. We enjoy pairing Port with navy, whether it be striped polos or printed layering.


An essential dark green for fall, with a deep subdued tone that works well with white and navy tops, and neutral pants.