Holderness & Bourne x Dan Hemme Head Professional at Innis Arden

In Good Company with Innis Arden Head Professional Dan Hemme

Thanks for joining us today and having us out at Innis Arden! 

How did you get involved with the game?

The main reason I got started in golf was because of my dad. He's still an extremely active golfer and was constantly bringing my older brother and me to the golf course growing up. Almost all of my best memories growing up involved being on a golf course. I started working in the Thomson Country Club bag room when I was 13 and quickly learned how much I enjoyed working in golf.  

How did your college experience at Methodist prepare you for your current role? 

Going to Methodist was easily one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Not only did I meet my wife Peyton, but it started my career as a Golf Professional. It was amazing being able to go to school with 100+ students who were all going to school for the same thing. We motivated each other to shoot the best scores and work at the best clubs. It was sort of a small fraternity amongst all of us. I owe a lot of who I am to the friends and staff at Methodist University!Methodist College Putter Head cover

What’s the backstory on the gate logo at the club entrance?

The gate has a great story behind it. Innis Arden was originally started on J. Kennedy Tod’s 147-acre estate on what we know today as Tod’s Point. Tod built a thirty-seven room mansion and a number of outbuildings and then he built a nine-hole golf course. His neighbors in Sound Beach, as Old Greenwich was called then, were invited to join his golf club.

On November 11, 1899 Innis Arden Golf Club was organized by sixty-four charter members. The gates located at our entrance are the original gates to Mr. Tods property and continue to serve as a reminder of the club's history for our members.Innis Arden Golf Club Gate

Congratulations on the new clubhouse and pro shop! How did this all come to be?

The new clubhouse has been absolutely amazing for our membership. Our club is very unique with 80% of our membership living within a 3-mile radius of the club.  The main reason for the clubhouse being built was to create a “home away from home” where the membership can come and enjoy a round of golf, a fantastic meal and a place to spend time with friends. I think they accomplished this amazingly!  One of the best features of the clubhouse is our outdoor patio, which has a great view of our 1st, 2nd and 18th holes.

Was the course updated as well?

There were some changes made to the golf course. The main change was to our 1st hole. The first tee now stands in the original clubhouse location.  This creates a slight dogleg right on our opening tee shot, which has made the hole much more exciting. Right next to the first tee is our new 18-hole putting green designed by golf course designer Ken Dye. This is a great place to work on your stroke and have some friendly competition with friends and family.

Innis Arden Clubhouse

As one of the youngest Head Professionals in the Met Section, do you have any advice for aspiring Golf Professionals? 

Probably the biggest advice I can give to aspiring Golf Professionals is to continue to surround yourself with amazing people and great mentors. I would not be who I am today without some of the people and clubs I have worked for. They instilled in me a strong work ethic and a willingness to always go the extra mile. You never know who is going to help you out along the way so you can achieve your goals. I consider myself lucky to have the support system that I have.

How do you approach recruiting your assistant professionals and shop staff?

When recruiting anyone for my golf professional team, I look for individuals who have a passion for golf and for service. I believe as long as I am hiring good people with the proper beliefs, then we as a team can train them to be the best team members they can be. 

What do you look for in golf apparel? What do your members look for in their apparel?

First and foremost, I am looking for quality apparel. I believe in all of the brands that I bring into the golf shop and have taken the time to make sure the apparel has the best quality and is represented by the best people. Being a small business owner at Innis Arden, I owe it to my membership to bring in the best products that I can!

Innis Arden Golf Shop. Table with Holderness and Bourne product.

New York or Boston?

Of course Boston!  

How do you like to spend your Mondays since that is your typical day off?

Most of my Mondays are spent with my wife, Peyton, and our dog Oliver.  We love to take him on long walks and let him run on the beach.  I spend other Mondays  playing in local tournaments or playing a round of golf with my friends.

Sweater, Quarter Zip, or Hoodie? 

Hoodie!  I love it for on and off the course.

What is your favorite H&B piece & why? 

I would say it's hard to choose just one. Definitely my two favorites right now are the Lawson Hoodie and the Sullivan Pullover. I have both of those pieces in several colors. The new Parker Pants are amazing as well. I've been lucky to have received a lot of support from the H&B family throughout my career!

Innis Arden Hole 18

What was your most memorable day of golf? 

Last year, I got to play at Sleepy Hollow Country Club with my dad, brother and wife the week of my brother’s wedding. It was easily one of the most special days I've had on a golf course. Spending it with family at one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. It also helps that I holed out on eighteen for a two!

What is your preferred post-round drink? 

A Transfusion.

Innis Arden Beer