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February 24, 2021

Welcome to In Good Company

A set of conversations and experiences that we will be having over the course of 2021. The subjects will be a few of our friends who we think are pushing creative boundaries, doing good work, and just fun to tee it up with. We’ll introduce you to them, go behind the scenes on their projects and learn more about their vision.

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February 24, 2021

In Good Company with Golf Photographer Matt Hahn (@matthahn17)

We first met Matt back in 2015 at Seaview, a great H. Wilson/D. Ross collab, on the Jersey Shore. Matt was flying his drone on the range, and a handful of inquisitive onlookers gathered around him as he navigated it above the property.

At the time, drones were fairly new and rarely seen at a golf course. Matt was a pioneer of golf drone photography, and he has a knack for perfectly capturing the magic of the courses he visits. We wanted to catch up with him to learn a little more about his background, his work, and his future plans. We hope you'll enjoy the first installment of In Good Company.             

1. H&B: What is your hometown and what was your favorite course growing up?

    MH: Wyomissing, PA - grew up playing Manor Golf Course and Galen Hall (the Tillinghast design that gets some hidden gem love on Insta).

    2. H&B: How and why did you get involved in the game?

      MH: My grandfather is the one that introduced me to the game while I was young. Really started taking it more seriously when I burnt out of legion baseball in HS and caught the bug bad playing a local par 3 course with some teammates. Ended up dropping ~20 shots off my average score between my junior and senior years of high school and the rest is history from there. 

      3. H&B: When did you start taking photography seriously and what has been the toughest part to learn?

        MH: I'd say I started taking it more seriously after I got a chance to play in the Ringer in 2019 - I played in the event with Dave Plaster (the CMO @ Dormie Network) and he encouraged me to consider shooting more professionally based on my work he saw, and it's kind of snowballed since. Personally, I think the toughest part is building out your own unique style that feels somewhat consistent across your work - I ultimately want people to be able to look at an image I shot and be able to guess it's my work.       

        4. H&B: Any drone flying secrets you can share?

          MH: Chase the good light - so cliche, but do whatever it takes to catch golden hour. I find that good light makes even more of a difference with drone content.

          5. H&B: Favorite time of day to shoot? All-time favorite property you've shot? 

          MH: Golden hour - doesn't matter whether it's AM or PM as long as the light is good. All-time favorite property to shoot is Bandon - Bandon Dunes is my personal favorite of the bunch.       


          6. H&B: What was your all-time favorite day of golf? Describe the day.

            MH: This is a really tough one - I think I have to go with when I got to take my grandfather to Briggs Ranch to play a few rounds of golf with Lanto Griffin while he was #1 in the FedEx cup. Lanto couldn't have been a better dude and gave us all sorts of tips and an inside look into life on Tour. Getting to experience this with the guy who got me started in a game that's given me so much was priceless. Second pick would be getting to play the Champions Tour Pro-Am at Hualalai in Hawaii.

            7. H&B: Favorite golf shot shape and why?

              MH: Draw - strikes feel so much more solid to me and have played my best golf when I have that shot shape going. Had it going last year and helped me qualify for the Texas Mid-Am.

              8. H&B: Sweater or quarter-zip and why?

              MH:  Primarily a quarter-zip guy, but recently got Ward and Betts sweaters for Christmas and they've become staples in my golf wardrobe. The Betts is so perfect for those in-between days where you'd normally be on and off with layers

              9. H&B: Post-round drink? 

              MH: Recently have become more of a bourbon guy, but don't really discriminate when it comes to post-round drinks. Big transfusion guy for on course too…

              10. H&B: Describe your personal style.

              MH: I'd say I'm a mix of performance and style - usually lean more towards the stuff that's going to perform well in the elements (think extreme heat in Texas) while still allowing you to look good in the process. I like to keep pants and shorts to the basic solids and usually add my "style" via polo prints or colors. Frequently can be found in a bucket hat for style and sun protection in the summer