Seasonal Color Guide

Discover our new colors.


A classic, pure red. Pair Hoylake with some navy pants for patriotic flair, or our stone bottoms for a refined coastal aesthetic.

Either way, this iconic red provides a sophisticated pop of color without looking too loud. 

Vintage Claret

A deep red with a hint of yellow hues which set it apart from a traditional burgundy.

This color really shines within our layering category. Pairing a Vintage Claret Bell Pullover or Wallace with our Navy pants creates the perfect golf ensemble. 


A versatile, rich blue that is a few shades lighter than navy.

This blue complements our fescue bottoms better than any of the other seasonal spring colors, and pairs equally well with other shorts and pants in our collection.


An exceptional color and a Holderness & Bourne favorite.

Update your wardrobe with this dusty, subdued green. Sage is best when worn with Navy layering and Stone bottoms.


A mid-tone pink, versatile enough to pair with any shade of blue and stylish when worn with stone or gray pants and shorts. 


A neutral soft blue that evokes the color of the sky on a pleasant day. Pair Skye with any of our pants or short offerings, this color almost always guarantees a well coordinated outfit.


A quintessential springtime green that is neither too light nor too dark.

Dorset pairs exceptionally well with navy and other blues in our bottoms and layering styles.


A stylish light orange inspired by the feel-good vibes of a perfect setting sun.

This shade brings a nice pop of color to any outfit and pairs well with navy, stone and white.


A light purple with a hint of pink for sophistication, inspired by the Scottish countryside.

You can't go wrong pairing Thistle with our gray or stone shorts and pants. It also looks great with navy.

Spring 2024

Shirts, layering and outerwear tailored for warmer weather.