Golf Gift Guide

Golf Gift Guide

Golf Gifts for Every Type of Golfer by Tom Coyne

Golf gifts, like the game itself, want you to believe they’re more complicated than need be. As gift givers surrender to the notion that their golfer already has everything, allow me to counter: Can you have too many birdies? Too many one-putts? When it comes to the best golf gifts, there is no such thing as too many when you’re picking the right targets.

What Should I Get for the Golfer Who Has Everything?

For the golfer whose closet and/or garage suggest a lack of self-control, the golfer who has everything is still going to get excited about what's new.  And new this year from Holderness & Bourne is a bevy of golf gifts for men. Discover quarter-zips and patterned shirts that will make the golfer who has everything feel like they only have one shirt they want to wear—the one nobody else has yet, that you just happened to give them.

Best Golf Gifts for Millennials

Finding golf gifts for millennials presents its own set of challenges—they’re a fickle lot who put plenty of effort into looking effortlessly stylish. Thankfully Holderness & Bourne has expanded their lineup of impossibly soft hoodies, offering hues to guarantee you’ll find a gift for the golfer in your life.  And as millennials might be less likely to sport a fusty logo belt, these striped beauties are pushing braided belts to a new place—a place where not even millennials show up for golf without a belt. 

Do Golf Accessories Make a Good Gift?

Finding gifts for the golfer can get tricky when the recipient is a friend. Does apparel feel too personal? Do you know them well enough to pick their color? Golf gifts for men are tough enough (just get me anything) but when you don’t know their sizes, you’re going to want to look at what Holderness & Bourne has to offer in terms of these accessories. No golfer has ever said they have too many cool hats, tour towels, or tumblers, and these travel bags have become my most loyal travel companion. Embroider their initials and you’ll have a golf friend for life.

What Should I Get for Someone Who is Obsessed With Golf?

Coming up with golf gift ideas can feel intimidating, but finding the best golf gifts for the truly golf obsessed is not so challenging when your gifts are curated and relevant.  Since Holderness & Bourne offers hats, shirts, and a wide range of golf pullovers, expect your golf nut to dress up in their new gear straight away and retire to the couch for golf viewing.

Still not ready to pull the trigger on gifts for the golf lovers in your life? Don’t be afraid to go with a Holderness & Bourne e-gift card.  Your golfer won’t find it boring; rather, they’ll appreciate the chance to golf shop—our favorite pastime after the game itself. We might be hard to buy for, but we are aces when it comes to buying for ourselves.

Tom Coyne

Tom Coyne