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30" Length
The Warner Pant: Stone 30" LengthThe Warner Pant: Stone 30" Length
32" Length
The Warner Pant: Stone 32" LengthThe Warner Pant: Stone 32" Length
34" Length
The Warner Pant: Stone 34" LengthThe Warner Pant: Stone 34" Length

Golf Pants

Holderness & Bourne golf pants for men are inspired by the game of golf and designed for optimal performance on the course. They’re made with an attention to detail that comes from years of experience in the world of sportswear. We've carefully selected each material, cut, and stitch to ensure that our golf pants are built for comfort, functionality, and style. Whether you're playing a casual round of golf with friends or competing in a tournament, our premium golf pants are perfect for the course. Shop Holderness & Bourne golf pants and other golf apparel that will keep you looking and feeling good on the links.

Warner Golf Pants

Our Warner Pants are lightweight and stylish five-pocket golf pants that have a chino style back. These golf pants are available in 30”, 32” and 34” inseams for a perfect fit. Holderness & Bourne's mens' golf pants have a classic twill pattern and feature an organic cotton and performance blend that is ideal for the course and beyond. Our golf pants are as functional as they are stylish and wick moisture to deliver comfort in hot weather.

Buying Guide: Golf Pants

Material: What is the best fabric for golf pants?

The best fabric for golf pants is a blend of organic cotton and recycled performance yarn in a classic twill pattern. This fabric is lightweight, moisture-withstanding, and comfortable.

Brand: Who makes the best golf pants?

Holderness & Bourne has created the perfect golf pant. They were specifically designed for optimal performance on the course. Shop our array of stylish, breathable golf pants. 

Type: What are the different types of golf pants?

There are two types of golf pants: synthetic and natural materials. Synthetic materials include polyester, nylon, and spandex. Natural materials are made from cotton, wool, and leather.

Colors: What is the best color for golf pants?

The best color for golf pants depends on each person's individual style. However, we do recommend lighter colors on hot days. Colors such as beige and white deflect sunlight, helping you stay cool on the course.

Are golf pants the same as dress pants?

While they look similar, dress pants are typically thicker than golf pants as they’re designed for an office or other formal environment. Golf pants are designed for being active and are more breathable. If you’re looking for a more comfortable alternative to traditional men’s dress pants, golf pants are a great option.

How should golf pants fit?

Golf pants are designed to fit close to your body. The waist should be snug enough that the pants will stay in place when you swing the club. The inseam should be long enough that it doesn't ride up when you bend over and squat. This will also help keep your pants from riding up.

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