Holderness & Bourne offers premium apparel and accessories inspired by the game of golf.  We blend classic style with modern fit and performance.

To us, it doesn't get much better than a day out on the links with friends.  We founded the company based on that shared passion, having grown up around the game in North Carolina and on Long Island.  Along with a reverence for the works of Donald Ross and C.B. Macdonald, we also came to appreciate the understated style of golf's finest venues and historical figures. 

We never cared much for the exhaustive branding and hyper-athletic looks associated with most modern golf apparel.  We firmly believe that quality speaks for itself, and that branding should be subtle.  In the course of building a wardrobe of fewer, better things over the years, we also became frustrated by the choice between classic style and tailored fit when it came to golf apparel.  Why not offer both?

With these improvements and a commitment to responsible manufacturing in mind, we launched Holderness & Bourne.  Today, we are proud to offer a growing collection of great products. 

We always enjoy hearing from our customers.  Drop us a line at contact@holdernessandbourne.com or through the contact form below.  And if you happen to be in Rye, NY - just north of New York City - make an appointment to stop by our showroom.

See you on the links,

Alex Holderness
John Bourne

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