In Good Company with Assistant Golf Professional Todd Ogborn

In Good Company with Assistant Golf Professional Todd Ogborn

We’re lucky to have some amazing golf near our headquarters, and Sleepy Hollow has always been one of our favorites. The incredible architecture, stately clubhouse, and sweeping Hudson Valley views are tough to beat. Given our proximity to this special property, we try to visit at least once a year and have become close with the team.  

Sleepy Hollow’s Assistant Professional, Todd Ogborn, is a friend of the brand and we recently sat down with him to chat about his background, golf photography and thoughts on the game. His Instagram account @toddogborngolf is well worth perusing for outstanding course photography and drone video. He captures some truly amazing content.  

Hometown/college and where do you live now? 

I grew up in Raleigh, NC. Went to Ole Miss “Hotty Toddy”, and I currently live on property here at Sleepy Hollow.

Tell us a little about yourself. Why did you get into the business? 

I love the game of golf. I love working around golf and the people and truly value the connections you make. It's tough to beat that in any other industry. 

What is the best thing about working at Sleepy?

We have a great membership here at Sleepy Hollow. I’ve made a number of incredible connections and friends and getting to play the golf course everyday isn’t the worst thing.

What was your favorite round of golf? Describe the day. 

It had to be last summer on a little work trip out east to National Golf Links of America. Played pretty well and made a couple eagles. It was one of the best days I’ve had in golf.

Aside from your clubs, what is the most-loved item in your bag? 

My Sugarloaf Social Club Nantucket scorecard holder.

What is your preferred hole at Sleepy? 

The 15th. Punchbowl.

Does the NY area have the best golf in the country? What are your top three golf cities? 

NYC is definitely the best golf city in America. The surrounding area is really tough to beat. Rounding out the top three would be Chicago and Philadelphia.

Tell us about the “aha” moment when you started capturing golf course drone  photography. 

Probably one of the first times I put the drones up at Indian Creek down in Miami. The views of the golf course on the island and the surrounding buildings of Miami, the beach, and the city just really made you appreciate the content.

What do you look for in your golf apparel

I look for fit, quality and longevity.  

What is your favorite H&B product? Sweater or Q-zip guy? 

The Maxwell Shirt is my favorite H&B product. The fabric on this style is the absolute best. Great in the heat. Great Collar. Great Fit. I am a sweater guy. My favorite is the Ward Sweater



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