In Good Company with Golf Professional Vince India

In Good Company with Golf Professional Vince India

We met Vince back in 2016 during the early days of H&B. He not only impressed us with his consistent play on multiple mini tours, but also his positive attitude towards life and golf. The former Hawkeye and Korn Ferry Tour stalwart has been knocking at the PGA Tour’s door for a number of seasons. He currently sits at number 25 on the Korn Ferry Tour rankings and is due to break through. We’re proud that Vince is representing the brand as he chases his dream and recently sat down with him to dig a little deeper into his game, on-course thoughts, and style. We hope you enjoy this edition of In Good Company.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and how did you get into competitive golf?

I did not start playing particularly early, probably in the third or fourth grade. I didn’t have a lot of interests besides video games, and I played basic school sports like football and basketball. I quickly realized that I was way too small of a human being to excel at either. I picked up golf because I just wasn’t big enough for team sports. 

My mom and dad helped foster my interest in the game. They drove me to tournaments, found my coaches, supported me when things weren’t going well and always believed in me. We never belonged to a country club, so I grew up in the First Tee of Chicago and on public tracks around the suburbs. They did whatever they could to give me access to golf. 

You’ve been playing tournament golf a long time. How have you evolved over the years?

I more or less look about the same as I did in college, albeit about 10 pounds heavier and with a few more gray hairs. My temperament has drastically improved since my younger years.. I used to be a notorious psychopath on the golf course. I was very quick to blow a gasket and lose it. 

This game has taught me the value of being patient, non-judgmental, and present and the importance of never giving up. I look at myself now, and I think my mental strength is one of my biggest assets on the golf course. 

I really enjoy the process of learning. I love discovering new things about myself, my game and what makes me tick.

Was there a moment or tournament that bolstered your confidence and made you realize golf was your sport?

I never did anything special in high school. I was definitely an above-average player, but light-years behind the best recruits. I had a somewhat successful first couple years in college, and fully devoted myself to making it to the next level during the summer before my senior year at Iowa.  I won the Illinois state amateur by seven, lapping the field thrice. I parlayed that mojo into an incredible senior year at Iowa.

What was your all-time favorite day of golf? Describe the day.

There’s nothing I love more than playing 18 holes in the morning and then following it up with an emergency nine after lunch. Such is the typical Saturday at one of my favorite clubs, Glen Flora, up north of Chicago in Waukegan.

The club has a great membership and it’s a fun golf course where good laughs are prioritized over good golf. We celebrated the Fourth of July there a few years ago with a marathon day during which we witnessed a hole-in-one on the 18th (par 3). We closed out the day throwing dice for hours.

Favorite time of day to play and why? Favorite course?

I’m a big dew sweeper, as it leaves more room for activities later in the day. I’m partial to Old Elm and Beverly in Chicago. They are two incredible pieces of land, and you never want the round to end. The holes flow perfectly. 

Do you have the same practice routine each week or does it vary based on your schedule and venue?

It depends on the week, the golf course, and how my body is feeling. It’s a weird thing...once you hit 30 you feel like you’re perpetually hungover. I have some pretty strict workout routines, but I vary my practice routines. 

Any advice for aspiring pros? Where should they focus their efforts?

Practice mindfulness and everything in moderation, including moderation. The subconscious is a fascinating place.

Sweater or quarter-zip and why?

A sweater. It’s more versatile.

Favorite H&B piece or product detail and why?

Product: The King Vest. It’s perfect, very warm and not bulky.      

Underrated: The logo is classy and not loud. I think it’s perfect in an age where everyone is desperately trying to grab your attention. H&B lets their threads talk.

Post-round drink? 


Describe your personal style.

Fairly conservative, but I like to accessorize. I believe a good belt should provide the flair, and I’m an avid wearer of the bucket hat. The white belt is the devil; very few people can pull it off. I like cool and welcoming colors: lots of blues, deep greens and an occasional touch of purple.